Our 10-Year Strategy Plan

It is our responsibility to provide affordable and stable housing in Big Sky.

Indepth 2023 Strategic Plan PDF File Below

Our 10 Year Targets

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1,000 Homes

Reserved for residents
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Required community funding

Our 5 Year Targets

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250 New Homes

Created through programs, partnerships,
and development
(100 created through Good Deed)
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Annual allocation secured from local, public sources
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Raised from private sources for operations

5 Goal Areas for 5 Years

Goal 1

Produce New Homes

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Objective:  Increase the inventory of stable homes for residents.

5 Year Target

  • 250 rental and ownership homes
  • 100 created through Good Deeds program

10 Year Target

  • 1,000 new homes
  • Keep multiple projects in the pipeline
  • 25% in five years, expanding to 57% in 10 years

Goal 2

Administer Programs

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Objective:  Continue programming to unlock existing inventory for housing needs.


  • 200 residents to purchase homes through Good Deeds in 10 years
  • 20% of Rent Local property owners convert to Good Deeds

Goal 3

Secure Funds

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Objective:  Secure guaranteed funding to support community housing goals.

5 Year Target

  • $1,000,000 secured by year 5 for annual operating budget

10 Year Target

  • Minimum of $100,000,000 in 10 years for acquisition, development, and programs.
  • Stretch Goal: $300,000,000 for acquisitions, development and programs.

Goal 4

Build Capacity

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Objective:  Build the capacity of BSCHT to meet 10-Year goals serving community housing needs.


  • Expand organization expertise
  • Increase staff

Goal 5

Listen, Communicate, Collaborate

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Objective:  Gather community and partner feedback to consistently communicate housing needs.


  • Current resident feedback
  • Current business feedback and collaboration
  • Current funder feedback and collaboration

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