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Workforce housing: RiverView close to breaking ground
11/2/22 – In the final week of October, the Big Sky Owners Association and involved parties reached an agreement to transfer a 1990s easement that had delayed construction on a federally funded apartment complex.

Big Sky housing: Challenge to fill the “Missing Middle”
9/29/22 – Community powers are collaborating to create a feasible path from entry-level employment to middle management, to property ownership and community leadership.

Housing survey reveals need across Big Sky spectrum
7/27/22 – A survey recently released by the Big Sky Community Housing Trust largely reiterates what most resort town residents already know: Housing is a critical issue that impacts people across the community spectrum.

Housing trust seeks feedback through survey
5/23/22 – The Big Sky Community Housing Trust is currently soliciting feedback from local employers and employees through its 2022 community-wide housing survey.

Creating ‘opportunity across the spectrum’
5/5/22 – When David O’Connor helped establish the Big Sky Community Housing Trust around 2016, he was like a spectator after an explosion. He felt sorry for whomever would be in charge of sweeping up one of Big Sky’s biggest messes.

Winter ball event to raise money for housing
3/11/22 – A chance to dust off black-tie apparel and support a community cause, local realtors will host a party at the end of the month to raise funds for local workforce housing efforts.

New executive director for Housing Trust
3/10/22 – After four years of diligent work, Laura Seyfang is stepping away from the Big Sky Community Housing Trust (BSCHT) and David O’Connor is stepping in to become the new executive director for the local non profit.

Housing Trust launches deed restriction program
3/9/22 – While national headlines point to low inventory as one of the major drivers of a widespread housing crisis, community leaders say that isn’t entirely the case for Big Sky.

Housing Trust announces new executive director
3/7/22 – Big Sky Community Housing Trust, the nonprofit agency devoted to creating housing options for local workers, is pleased to announce on May 1 they will have a new executive director, David O’Connor.

Protecting local housing for the long term
3/3/22 – Always a source for creative ideas, the Big Sky Community Housing Trust (BSCHT) is rolling out a new program called Good Deeds next week.

Workforce housing remains top Big Sky concern
12/31/21 – Workforce housing issues in Big Sky are nothing new.

Behind the scenes of the RENT LOCAL program
11/24/21 – With rentals few and far between in Big Sky, The Big Sky Community Housing Trust (BSCHT) created a program called RENT LOCAL which matches up homeowners with reliable renters for long term leases in the Big Sky area by providing cash incentives to compete against the vacation rental market.

In reversal, RiverView workforce housing project receives $6.49 million award
11/24/21 – In a reversal from their Oct. 18 decision, the Montana Board of Housing awarded $6.49 million dollars of low income tax credits to the Big Sky Community Housing Trust (BSCHT) for the RiverView Apartment

Program in Big Sky works to increase rental availability
11/21/21 – A program in the resort community of Big Sky that offers landlords cash to convert vacation rentals or seasonal homes into long-term homes for locals converted 21 homes and housed 58 locals in its first three months.

State awards nearly $7M to local workforce housing
11/17/21 – The Montana Board of Housing on Nov. 15 awarded $6.49 million to a workforce housing project in Big Sky known as the RiverView Apartments.

How to Save a Ski Town
11/15/21 – All over the West, a housing crisis is causing workforce shortages, crippling local businesses, and threatening the culture and existence of mountain towns as we know them.

Riverview affordable housing project hits major setback
10/22/21 – Despite public letters urging support for the proposed RiverView Apartment complex, the Montana Board of Housing did not award the Big Sky Community Housing Trust’s (BSCHT) request for $6.7 million dollars in federal funding to support the project on Monday, Oct. 18.

In Big Sky, New Affordable Housing Program Pays Property Owners to Rent to Locals
10/4/21 – Shannon Sears has lived in Big Sky for six years, and she’s already moved five times.

Community forum creates engagement opportunity for public
10/1/21 – The Big Sky Chamber of Commerce congregated key Big Sky stakeholders as well as community members on the evening of Sept. 30 to engage in discussion on current area projects and issues for the Fourth Annual Community Building Forum.

Water and sewer board annexes LMLC, housing trust project into district
9/23/21 – The Big Sky County Water and Sewer District board voted at a Sept. 21 meeting in favor of annexing a workforce housing project into the district, concluding a months long debate.

Editorial: Big Sky offers solutions to affordable housing
9/3/21 – Bozeman’s affordable housing problem pales in comparison to what Big Sky is dealing with, though on a smaller scale.

To Address Housing Shortage, Program in Big Sky Pays Property Owners to Rent to Local Workers
8/31/21 – Big Sky, like other Mountain West resort areas, is struggling to provide affordable housing.

Water and sewer board advances talks on RiverView Annexation
8/25/21 – The Big Sky County Water and Sewer board on Aug. 24 moved closer to annexing the forthcoming RiverView workforce housing project into the local water and sewer district.

Short term rentals: Part II
8/12/21 – Before 9 a.m. one weekday morning, MJ Matute drums her fingers against a paper coffee cup in the Huntley Lodge lobby at Big Sky Resort.

Short term rentals shave locals’ housing options
7/30/21 – In April, Colin McNamara drove from Big Sky to the Motor Vehicle Department in Bozeman to get a Montana driver’s license.

Water and sewer board receives broad response on affordable housing annexation
7/20/21 – The Big Sky County Water and Sewer board received nearly 800 responses on the matter of annexing the RiverView workforce housing project into the water and sewer district. The majority of comments favored annexation.

Water and Sewer board to seek public feedback on annexation
7/6/21 – At a June 22 board meeting, in their discussion of whether to add new workforce housing lots into the Big Sky County Water and Sewer District, the district board elected to involve the public in the decision through a survey and public hearing.

Hurdles Leaped for New Apartments
6/16/21 – New affordable housing apartments may be on the horizon. According to the June BSCHT newsletter, on May 25, the Montana Board of Housing invited BSCHT to apply for Low Income Housing Tax Credits to fund its new development, RiverView Apartments.

Resort Tax Board Allocates $7M to Community Organizations
6/11/21 – Approximately 60 people gathered virtually on Zoom on the evening of June 10 to hear final discussion and decision on resort tax funding allocation from the Big Sky Resort Area District board.

Housing Project Advances Toward $6.5M Award
6/3/21 – The Montana Board of Housing advanced the Big Sky Community Housing Trust’s application for a nearly $6.5 million award in federal tax credits at a May 25 meeting.

Confronting Big Sky’s Housing Crisis
4/1/21 – Volunteers make the small unincorporated community of Big Sky what it is. Thousands of people have donated countless hours to help mold organizations and bolster efforts. Twenty Big Sky residents stepped up to interview for the vacant volunteer board positions with Big Sky Community Housing Trust (BSCHT).

BSRAD awards funds for Workforce Housing Project
3/11/21 – In a unanimous vote, the Big Sky Resort Area District board granted the Big Sky Community Housing Trust $1.4 million in funds for the Workforce Housing Project, undertaken in partnership with Lone Mountain Land Company, after five months of being held in “pending” status.

Private company, nonprofit team up to build housing in Big Sky
1/29/21 – A collaboration between a private company and a nonprofit housing trust aims to create more affordable housing for people living and working in Big Sky by the end of 2022.

Housing Trust, Lone Mountain Land Company join forces
1/28/21 – In an effort to solve Big Sky’s workforce housing shortage, the Big Sky Community Housing Trust and Lone Mountain Land Company have partnered on the latest housing development project. The collaboration between the two entities was announced in a Jan. 19 press release along with their intention to develop and build a new housing complex exclusively for local workers.

New affordable housing in Big Sky for local workers
1/24/21 – The Big Sky Community Housing Trust launched a collaboration with Lone Mountain Land Company to develop workforce housing. Lone Mountain Land Company manages Spanish Peaks Mountain Club, Moonlight Basin, and several projects within the Town Center.

Additional workforce housing on the horizon
1/21/21 – At least an additional 90 rental units for Big Sky’s workforce may soon exist on Highway 64. Details are being hashed out between the nonprofit Big Sky Community Housing Trust (BSCHT) and Lone Mountain Land Company (LMLC) for a rental development that will also include dorm style units.

Confronting Big Sky’s workforce housing issue
1/7/21 – Boards of organizations in Big Sky make things happen – they wield a lot of power in the unincorporated community. Board members have the onus of furthering organizational goals while remaining accountable to the community.

Big Sky Community Housing Trust on confronting the workforce housing crisis
11/18/20 – When Laura Seyfang, executive director of Big Sky Community Housing Trust (BSCHT) stood before the speakers gathered for the Chamber of Commerce Building Forum there were five and a half rental units available in Big Sky and “112 people on our waitlist desperately looking for places to rent.”

A home of his own
8/20/20 – Thomas Odenthal embraces the Big Sky life as fully as anyone. Adventuring is something he has always done, it was finding a solid home base that was the problem.

MeadowView condo ad with Explore Big Sky
8/14/20 – Advertisement for MeadowView Condos on page 55.

A Happy Family
7/29/20 – It is tough to raise an outdoors oriented toddler from a second story apartment. For Marsha, Brian and their four-year-old daughter Charlotte, winning the Big Sky Community Housing Trust (BSCHT) housing lottery also meant a big win for their quality of life.

Yellowstone Club Community Foundation spring 2020 grants support community
7/23/20 – The Yellowstone Club Community Foundation extended its commitment to the region’s nonprofit sector through its annual spring and summer grant cycle.

New initiative unlocks long-term housing for local workforce
6/5/20 – In partnership with Landing Locals, Landing Lands is excited to announce the Big Sky Rent Local initiative, an innovative way to unlock more long-term housing for the community’s local workforce.

Seeking creative solutions
6/4/20 – The culmination of six months of work equals an additional option for renters and homeowners in Big Sky. A new website through the Landing Locals platform will allow “local workers have an easier time finding long-term rentals,” Big Sky Community Housing Trust (BSCHT) Executive Director Laura Seyfang explained.

Creativity for Affordability
4/14/20 – A developer and the housing trust are working together to offer three brand new homes to rent for local families. The applications are being accepted through April and qualified families will be selected to move in for early summer.

In spite of challenges, affordable housing makes strides in Big Sky
3/15/20 – A culmination of community projects are outlined in this summary of housing in the Big Sky Community. The current MeadowView Condos are reviewed, as well as the steps we are taking forward to build more housing for local workers.

Support for 1% Tax
3/2/20 – A letter to the editor in support of the 1% infrastructure tax that will allocate 500SFEs for the Housing Trust.

A plan to ease the pressure
12/27/19 – A strategic effort to confront community growth issues centers around a wastewater treatment plant that is already approaching capacity. The implementation of an additional 1% tax towards infrastructure growth could alleviate the stress, with the clause that 500 single family equivalents go towards community housing once the plant is updated and grows.

Canyon development advances
12/19/19 – The Quarry Big Sky, a proposed 175 acre residential and commercial development in the canyon, had its Planned Use Development request approved by the Gallatin County Planning and Zoning Commission by a vote of 4-2. This development will add several single- and multi-family units to the local housing market, and will work with the Housing Trust to find qualified applicants.

A big push in the canyon
11/29/19 – A 175-acre parcel off Highway 191 is being proposed as a site for development, including many family units. This development, called the Quarry, would partner with the Big Sky Community Housing Trust to find qualified applicants and keep the housing affordable for the community.

The cost of short-term rentals in Big Sky
9/10/19 – Big Sky has seen an exponential growth in Short Term Rentals, displacing local workers but bringing in more tourism. The Housing Trust hopes to see success in a “Rent Local” program that encourages second-home owners to convert their short term rentals into local housing.

Availability remains to purchase workforce housing
7/23/19 – A free eight hour Home Buyer Education Class is being offered on July 27th, which is the first step to get on the waitlist for housing available through the Big Sky Community Housing Trust such as the deed-restricted condos being sold to qualified local workers. These prerequisites put you on a waitlist for any future developments as well.

Housing trust cuts the ribbon on Meadowview
7/7/19 – The Big Sky Community Housing Trust held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 30 for the MeadowView Condominiums, Big Sky’s first deed-restricted workforce housing. Once completed, the subdivision will offer 52 subsidized units to a waiting list of qualified local applicants.

Building Big Sky
6/13/19 – On May 16th the Big Sky Community Building Forum hosted by the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce at Lone Peak Cinema spoke to the rampant and unprecedented growth in Big Sky for the next few years. They focused on the strategic planning behind it, with groups speaking to a wide array of community issues and concerns.

School district partners with Habitat for Humanity for teacher housing :: Housing trust looks at budget, resort tax ask and Meadowview
3/29/19 – The Big Sky Community Housing Trust advisory board met to discuss budgetary needs and resort tax funding for 2019, touching on the district’s teacher housing plan and their collaboration with Habitat for Humanity.

Housing trust reviews resort tax, Meadowview project, water use
3/3/19 – On February 21st, the advisory board for Big Sky Community Housing Trust met to discuss Senate Bill 241 which allows the community to levy an additional 1% tax for infrastructure. This would allow more funding from the initial 3% resort tax to go towards community projects, such as housing.

Deep diving into Wells 5 and 6
2/28/19 – While discussing issues with the Meadow Villages Wells 5 and 6 at a recent meeting, steps are taken to find resolution. A discrepancy for the SFEs used by MeadowView Condos being built by Big Sky Community Housing Trust is also brought up and approved.

The long road to short-term rental compliance
2/22/19 – The Big Sky Resort Area District board discussed the complicated and controversial issue of short-term rentals in their February 13th meeting, specifically regarding the regulations of these rentals and their compliance with paying the local 3% resort tax.

Big Sky housing trust welcomes new director
10/27/18 – On October 3rd, 2018, the Big Sky Community Housing Trust welcomed Laura Seyfang as the new director. She comes on to live and work in Big Sky with years of leadership experience.

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