RiverView Apartments

RiverView Apartments is a collaboration between Lone Mountain Land Company, Resort Tax, Big Sky Water & Sewer, and BSCHT to develop rental units off Lone Mountain Trail.

Applications are now open for BSCHT – RiverView

In 2021, the Housing Trust announced its collaboration with Lone Mountain Land Company to build RiverView Apartments. Construction began in May of 2023 with occupancy anticipated in late summer of 2024. Although LMLC and BSCHT shared some infrastructure costs, the two developments used different contractors and funding sources.

For more information about BSCHT’s portion of the project, including amenities and floorplans, please visit the Property Website

How To Apply

  1. Review the income limit chart below.
  2. If you feel you qualify, complete the online application.
  3. Please read all instructions carefully as there are very strict qualification guidelines and document requirements.
  4. If you have any questions, please email riverview@blpmc.com.

Applications are being processed by BlueLine Property Management and income limits are set by HUD. If you are disqualified due to income, please bear in mind that neither BlueLine nor BSCHT can make any exceptions due to the federal funding aspect of the project.


Income is the most significant factor in qualifying to rent at Riverview. If your household is within or close to the limits in the income chart below, please apply. The incomes listed are gross income limits (pre-taxes). 


The rent reflected in the chart below includes a utility allowance. The precise amount of the allowance is still being determined. If you are between incomes in the chart, your rent will be the lower of the two amounts. Proof of income includes your six most recent consecutive pay stubs.


If you or your household want to rent at RiverView Apartments but make too much money to qualify for BSCHT-RIVERVIEW, please complete the Individual Survey. Please note that completing a prior survey does not guarantee a position in line for a RiverView Apartment. Rental rates and application information are not yet available. LMLC anticipates the occupation of its apartments in the Fall of 2024.


If you own a business in Big Sky and need employee housing, please complete the Business Survey. Lone Mountain Land Company built its portion of the project with private funding only. Because of this, none of LMLC’s units need to meet the federal income guidelines outlined in the chart above. In the fall, LMLC will lease its shared suites with single occupancy bedrooms to local businesses to use as employee housing.

An image of a comparison chart between the Housing Trust and LMLC's portions of Riverview Apartments.


  1. BSHCT’s board and staff attend the RiverView groundbreaking on May 3, 2023.
  2. BSCHT’s construction partner, BlueLine Development, adds the roof to BSCHT’s first building in October of 2023.
  3. BSCHT’s portion of the project consists of two apartment buildings on the west end of the campus.
  4. LMLC’s two buildings on the west end of the campus contain traditional apartments.
  5. LMLC’s three buildings on the east end of the campus contain single-occupancy bedrooms with shared living spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RiverView?

RiverView Apartments is a collaboration between the Housing Trust, Lone Mountain Land Company, Resort Tax, and Big Sky Water & Sewer to build 97 rental apartments off Lone Mountain Trail.

What is the difference between Lone Mountain Land Company’s and the Housing Trust’s portion of RiverView?

Lone Mountain Land Company’s (LMLC) portion will consist of 72 units that are a mix of traditional apartments and single-occupancy dorms with shared living spaces. The Housing Trust’s portion of the development contains 25 apartments with no dorm rooms.

Who is eligible to rent at RiverView Apartments?
Big Sky Resort Area District businesses can rent LMLC’s portion of the project. The Housing Trust’s portion will rent directly to residents instead of businesses.
How much is the rent at RiverView Apartments?

LMLC still needs to set the rental rates for businesses leasing in RiverView. Because BSCHT earned $6.49 million in federal funding to build its 25 apartments, BSCHT’s occupants must meet federal income requirements. BSCHT will rent to individuals with incomes between 30% and 80% of the Area’s Median Income, with rent capped at 30% of a household’s income.

Can I purchase a RiverView Apartment?
No. RiverView Apartments are only for rent.
When will you complete RiverView Apartments?
Developers anticipate finishing construction by June 1, 2024.
What is the rental process?

BSCHT has yet to establish the rental process because construction will not finish until June 2024. If you are an employer or employee interested in renting at RiverView, please join the RiverView Waitlist. The Housing Trust will provide more information in 2024.

Are pets permitted at RiverView Apartments?
Pet rules are still unknown. Registered ESA and service animals are allowed.
How many bedrooms are in each apartment?

The apartments are a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedrooms.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms are in each dorm?

LMLC’s RiverView dorms have two different floor plans. One will have eight single-occupancy bedrooms, and the other will have four single-occupancy bedrooms. There is one bathroom for every two bedrooms in LMLC’s dorms.

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