RENT LOCAL incentivizes condo owners who rarely use their Big Sky property to rent to local workers. HOME SHARE makes it possible for these owners to still visit Big Sky.

Your property might not be appropriate for a long-term rental, but you can still make a difference. By lending your home to Big Sky Community Housing Trust for a week (or more), you allow other unit owners who commit to a year-long lease to still visit Big Sky.

The visiting owner borrowing your home pays $500 per week to cover cleaning fees. Staying in an upscale unit, possibly on the mountain with amenities, appeals to condo owners in older units.






Is my HOME SHARE donation tax deductible?

Unfortunately, the IRS does not allow homeowners donating time to BSCHT’s HOME SHARE program to claim a loss of income as a tax deduction. However, the owner borrowing your property will pay you $500 per week to cover cleaning and utility usage.

How long can I loan my property to HOME SHARE?
You can donate your property for as little as a week or for the majority of the year. Email info@bigskyhousingtrust.com to start your HOME SHARE donation.
Is my property ideal for HOME SHARE?
The ability to stay in an upscale unit, possibly on mountain with amenities, is an appealing incentive to condo owners in older Meadow units.
Who cleans the unit before and after a HOME SHARE STAY?

BSCHT asks that property owners loaning their property to HOME SHARE arrange for cleaning services before and after a HOME SHARE stay. BSCHT is happy to assist owners who need help finding a cleaning service. (The owner borrowing the property will pay $500 per week for this service.)



How much does it cost to HOME SHARE?
The cost to borrow a HOME SHARE property is $500 per week. This fee goes to the property owner to cover cleaning costs.
Who is eligible to use a HOME SHARE property?
Only homeowners signing a one-year lease, or longer, are eligible for HOME SHARE. As HOME SHARE inventory is limited, this service is not guaranteed
How often can I borrow a HOME SHARE property?

HOME SHARE is available to any homeowner in RENT LOCAL with a one or two-year lease for a maximum of four weeks per year. Four weeks are not guaranteed and all HOME SHARE stays are subject to availability.

Can I receive a cash incentive and use the HOME SHARE program?

Any homeowner receiving a cash reward for RENT LOCAL can also participate in the HOME SHARE program.

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